DejaVu is a free, open source implementation of GameMaker. It allows you to design and build quality games quickly and without code. You can do anything with the games you create, for free. DejaVu exports games to Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Current Status

DejaVu is currently a work in progress. You can’t use it yet, but the source is available on GitHub.

What DejaVu is currently capable of:

  • Getting game data from LateralGM through a plugin
  • Compiling GML and D&D actions in scripts and object events using LLVM
  • Linking with a barebones GML runtime library
    • Var type with real, string, and arrays
    • Immutable, refcounted, interned strings
    • local, self, other, and global scope lookup

What’s next:

  • Accessors like argument0, direction/speed and hspeed/vspeed
  • Object/instance access, with statements
  • The GML standard library and game engine
  • Exporting executables using a system linker (ideally LLVM’s LLD, but until it supports more executable formats it will be the system linker)
  • Writing game assets into the executable
  • New IDE with better D&D support and native widgets

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